My interest in the health effect of air pollution naturally led me to the respiratory system, and specifically the lungs. I noted in my research that certain areas of Glasgow have much higher asthma rates than others which made me want to show the real effects of an asthma attack on a child’s breathing rate. The link between asthma and air pollution from road traffic is now well accepted but again I noted that there is a lack of public concern despite the very serious differences in asthma incidence in the city. I set out to make a living model of human lungs that could be used to show the effects of asthma in a rapid and tangible way that isn’t possible with data or scientific descriptions. I created a breathing model with inhalation/exhalation rate determined by an Arduino microcomputer controlling a series of relays and pumps to simulate human breath. The physical lung model allows the observer to lightly place their hand on a “breathing” pair of lungs, and control the rate of breathing to simulate an asthma attack. The effect is surprising, even shocking as the model convulses in short, rapid breaths similar to that observed in asthma attacks in children.